With notes of white flower, meyer lemon, and garden herbs, the Alysian Bianco is bright, refreshing, and balanced enough to be enjoyed by itself or in a cocktail. Ingredients for this vermouth were picked from our Russian River Valley ranch and were chosen to accentuate the already present flavor profile of the riesling base.

Two processes were used to aromatize this vermouth. First, herbs were gathered and steeped in grape distillate. After a few weeks, this mixture was strained and the resulting flavored spirits were blended into the wine base. After all tinctures were added, the vermouth underwent a tea steeping with local white flowers which sat for a few days.

To sweeten this wine, meyer lemon peels sat with pure organic cane sugar and, with the addition of alcohol, this mixture became a lemon cordial, which was added to the bianco.




Crafted to be a true amaro instead of the traditional sweet or dry vermouths, our recipe is a throwback to the days when flavoring came via herbs and roots extracted in spirits, before sugar and artificial flavoring became the default. We want you to taste our ingredients and the earth they came from. Like our wines, our vermouth expresses terroir.

We started with a base of 2013 Chardonnay from the Russian River Valley, grown and barrel fermented entirely by partner, Woody Hambrecht.

The base wine was then fortified by partner and vermoutiere, Heather Hawkins, using house made tinctures, created by placing carefully sourced ingredients into locally made grape distillate for a period of time to extract their unique aromatics and flavors.  

Eighteen tinctures and seven steeping plants are showcased in this representation of the natural bounty of Sonoma.  View tech sheet here